Cant see my images and videos in hype 3 pro document

For some reason I cant see my images on screen/canvas. I can select them from the timeline but they are not visible in the canvas or the preview in the browser nor are they present in the resources tab.
When I select an image from the timeline I can see the area selected in the canvas but the image itself is not visible even though it is set as visible with 100% opacity.
How do I bring them back? This is the second time this is happening. The last time we brought in the images again and set that up all over. There has to be a better way instead of wasting so much time every now and them on disappearing elements! (62.8 KB)

I’m sorry you’re hitting this issue! Can you share any images that became unlinked?

Please submit an issue from within Hype, using Help > Report an Issue, and if you can, include your system logs. This will help us determine what problem you’re hitting. Based on your document, it looks like you’re due for an update to Hype.

Please also keep in mind that you can recover your document (whether you upgrade your version of Hype or not) from an export of your animation by selecting Help > Restore document from Export. You will then need to select the exported hyperesources folder.

I do recommend upgrading to Hype v3.5.2 if you are not already on this release.

Whew! Thanks for that tip. It really saved me a lot of trouble not only on this project but other projects as well… I was able to restore my project from an export. I will try and report this bug to tumult with all pertinent information if I get time after my current busy period is over :slight_smile:

I am on 3.5.1 - will upgrade if there has been a significant upgrade since then. Thanks.

There is a specific incompatibility in OS X 10.11.x and anything before 3.5.2 which could cause resources to be deleted. 3.5.2 has fixed this issue.