Cant see full length, scrollbars don't work

The design I am working on it is nearly (i hope) done. But when I view it, I can only see the full height of the document when I resize my browser window. If I make my browser the full screen width, the file obviously enlarges but I can even scroll to see what’s being cut off.

I thought this aspect would need to be working before I move forward to make a few other sizes so the file then actually comes responsive.

Hope someone can help :slight_smile:

please check out: (796.6 KB)

hope this’ll be ok for you

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let me look

THANK YOU. I don’t know who I would of known to do that. I don’t know or understand where the limitations of the program are before needed that little extra help from code.

I wish there was more documentation for these types of things but yet, I guess that’s also why forums are so great :slight_smile:

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So now I’ve added a few more sizes to make it responsive and it’s doing a few things it shouldn’t.

  1. I have competing scrollbars :slight_smile:
  2. I’m confused on how or what to adjust length to in order to accommodate for the resizing.

Actually and oddly, my double scrollbars are only evident when I view locally. If I export HTML and upload to view the files, it shows only one.

The other issue still remains.

the principle is a div with overflow that scrolls.

to achieve results like in my previous post:

  1. full responsive setup for the layouts
  2. the scaling groups height is equal to the layoutheight! <- important
  3. the topgroup needs all pinnings and stretching AND the class ‘scroll’

that’s it (just one concept among others)

hype itself does not support adjusting heights of scenes dynamically except fullscreenheight … (898.0 KB)

Thank you 100x over :slight_smile: This app is complex for me and I appreciate the help more than you could imagine.

1 more question (for now, lol).
On my last screen - full orange. I want to be able to center/resize that copy in the screen - always. Should I use a viewport setting? I had thought that if I pinned all sides it would do this automatically but it doesn’t. Unless I did it wrong.

I am not seeing the “CTA Splash” group (what I assume You mean by the “copy”) in the last screen pinned on all sides just left & right (in all layouts except mobile which appears to have nothing in it). For top/bottom “centering” You would need to have the “CTA Splash” pinned at top and bottom too (all layouts).

Of course if the element is supposed to be dead center it needs to originate in that position

Unless I’m not understanding your request properly…

You are correct, it’s not actually named what I am referring to, sorry bout that. I changes the pinning to all four sides but when I view and ‘inspect’ through a browser to see could, It has absolute positioning. I think that is still throwing me off. Is it possible to override this somehow - so that no matter how it’s viewed, it’s resized automatically and centered?

Don’t think you need to see this but I included it anyway.

I guess I am simply missing the point here :flushed:

When I manipulate the browser window with the orange screen showing it looks to me like everything is working as it should. The “text copy” is maintaining its proportional spacing, based on its original positioning on the page, as the window is resized. It sounds like You are expecting something different.

Below (video) is what I am seeing… it appears to match what You are requesting so I am not understanding the discrepancy of this result with your expectations - sorry!

No you’re not missing the point. Our IT guy is great but he questions so many things I’m expecting him to have an issue. I greatly appreciate all of your help :slight_smile:

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