Can't scroll while editing Hype project

One of my layouts just stopped to scroll after I added “position:fixed;” to a rectangle with an iframe in it. I mean, inside the software. I can’t scroll on my project. The software just got it’s scrollbars stucked.
Even if I took off that css code the window is still stucked and the scroll wheel don’t work. Tried to drag the scrollbar and it was useless.

Any clues?

Is this scrolling while editing the scene? If so, hold the space bar click to move around in the scene.

Yeah! That worked. But in every other layout I’m allowed to navigate using the scroll wheel. What happened on this specific one? And how do I undo?

If you could share your project with us or a file that has the same problem it would help immensely in answering your questions, ‘what happened’ and ‘how to undo’.

Adding HTML and CSS can influence the editor as it’s „only“ a webview. You can even inspect it when enabling/disabling the following in the Safari developer menu …

Hmm, I have never seen Hypes web view show in the Safari Inspector… what am I missing

Worked with the Beta… seams to be disabled now

Darn it. That would be so cool

It would be hard to pinpoint exactly without your .hype document, but do note that Hype’s scene editor itself is a web view, so likely what happened is that code you wrote (position:fixed) is interfering with the editing environment.