Can't record animations any more


I'm half way through my project and all of a sudden can no longer record animations. I get the keyframes connected by a blue bar but the transition only happens right at the end, so Hype is not generating tweenies, I presume.

Have I inadvertently changed a setting or something. It's been time consuming trying to find it, if I have.



That's weird, can you share your document with us at support @ We'll take a look at this issue.

One guess is that you may have changed the default timing function to "instant," so all new timing functions don't use easing.

If you open the timing function popup, the default will have "– Default" in the name. If this is on Instant, you can select a different timing function like "Ease In Out" and use the gear menu (or right-click) to choose "Set as Default Timing Function."

Yes, you're spot on. Your colleague Daniel took a look at the file and spotted it straight away.

Many thanks for taking an interest.



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