Can't make animated gif twice

This is weird. I made an attempt to create an explosion. Then exported it as animated gif. That worked. Then I decided to change a little bit. Now it is no longer possible to create an updated gif, or make a movie or animated png.
The attached file worked once.
I tried to quit Hype and restart. Even restarted my Mac. Didn't work. (43.1 KB)

Well, I can...


One thing you might want to try: GIF export never finishes - Using Older GIF Export Engine - #2 by jonathan

Please try it twice in row.

I did… :wink:


Did you try to transfer the animation to a new document?

I did, didn't work.
I just tried it again while changing the size of the gif. And magically........

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:grinning::+1:t3: Perfect!