Can't get sub-timeline to animate. what am I missing?

Created timelines for objects I want to independently animate.
Added on Scene Load - Start TImeline.

What am I missing?
project file: (17.1 KB)


It works if you preview the composition in the browser (the preview button top right (command + enter)).

oh. yes.
But how then I view what's in main scene? jump in browser after every change? is this the way?

If you do it in this setup, then yes.
But you can also turn those shapes into a symbol and animate those timelines (either in main timeline or another) and then you can see it real time. (18.4 KB)


That's what I tried initially, I thought Symbols would encapsulate the animation.
Thank you for the example!

I am also facing this same issue.

Can you elaborate on your exact issue, and perhaps provide a zip of your .hype document along with what you see and what you expect to see?