Can't get my Hype to show

I’ve used Hype in the past without problems, but this time no matter what I do I can’t get it to show.

Here’s the URL -

Code I’m using with the html file and Hype folder in the 2016 July folder.

Hi Douglas!

I’m not sure what is supposed to be occurring but the web site is showing animation; also I’m not clear about the reference to the html file & July 2016 folder.

Safari 7.0.6 screen recording:

If you look in the developer console, there is a 404 error for the Hype javasript: to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

It could be this wasn’t uploaded, or uploaded improperly.

That’s a slider at the top of the page. The hyper code is supposed to appear in the large white space at the bottom of the page, where a louver schematic is supposed to appear with some callout text.

Hi Jonathan,

I loaded it exactly as your explainer video demonstrates. I uploaded the html file and the hyper script folder into the uploads/2016/july folder and updated the relative URL to the file path. Not sure what else I’m supposed to do? Is there a more recent explainer video or document? As I say, I was able to get this working great a few years ago for a previous client, but no luck now.


I’d probably search through the server and try to find the path that it uploaded it at, and make sure that you can access that and not get a 404. Once you’ve found a valid path, then you’ll need to replace the incorrect one. I’d also just double check the current path in case there’s an obvious typo or error you see (like it being in a ‘test’ folder).

Yep, you were correct, bad path. Thanks so much!

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