Cannot link to scenes within Hype from HTML object contained in a group

I’m using the suggested method of linking with an HTML object to scenes within my Hype document which works fine until the HTML object is put in a group in the timeline. Once grouped, the link simply goes to index.html.

Groups are really necessary for organizing my content, so I’d really like to find a solution which maintains them.

My code: <div class="sceneTitle"><a href="#" onclick="window.myhypedocument.showSceneNamed('volcanicCaldera');"><img src="${resourcesFolderName}/AQ_AP_09_Deception_Island.jpg" style=" align:middle; width: 460px; height: 65px; margin: 0 0px;" alt="Volcanic Caldera"><br>Volcanic Caldera</a></div>

A group shouldn’t have any specific difference than an element not in a group. It’d be useful if you could share a zip of your .hype document and also include steps for the behavior you’d like to see (what happens now, what you want to have happen); it is hard to know just from the code example what might be going wrong. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply, jonathan. I could not recreate the problem in my sample file, so I moved the object back into the group in my working document and the issue is solved. Perhaps I simply had the ordering of the elements incorrect or something. Problem solved!