Can you set the opacity on button hover state?

I’m making a series of banners with the same animations at different sizes.

I have a button in each banner with a rollover state. The button fades in, from opacity 0 to opacity 100.

On the first button I made, all the states of the button “pick up” the opacity of the button itself. That’s what I want.
See it here:

On the second one however, it didn’t work this way. The Normal state picks up the opacity of the button, but the Hover state is always 100% opacity. The problem is that even when the button itself is invisible, the Hover state shows up at 100% opacity if you hover on it.
See it here:

What did I do wrong, and can I fix this?

they are exactly the same for me when viewing in Safari? What exactly is the problem?

Can you recreate in a hype document so that we can see it?


No, they are different. Hover over the bottom half of this one:

In Safari (and other browsers), I am seeing the hover state of my button throughout the banner’s running time. (The hover state is a rectangle that says “Join The Group”.) That is incorrect. It should not be visible until the button has faded in.

ahh. gotcha! I see it now.

I notice in the first banner the whole banner is clickable. and in the second not, just the button. This might be stopping the button in the first not showing. Also, there seems to be a longer area that is clickable over the button. Do you have this in a group or symbol?

It’s difficult to help without seeing the document.

*EDIT @davidrhoden
check that the hover state is at 0% opacity in your main timeline or at the beginning of the animation. The states work independent of each other during timelines.