Can we create android or apple apps using hype? ( hype to phonegap)

Hy guys, I want to know is it possible to create an apk or ipa files using hype. First we create a game or something inside hype then export it to html5 and using any other software (phonegap) deploy apps. is it possible?

I just tried with a sample I had readily available. I do not have an opportunity to test it at all, but by exporting a HTML5 folder from Hype and compressing it into a zip, it uploaded and built my file without any errors. I did change the name of my .HTML file from whatever it was called before to index.html to make this work.

Worth a shot exploring from there. Sorry I can’t test the output for you!

@NotDaveJohnson thank you soo much for replying me. i will try that one. will see how it goes.

Just saw your post here and was wondering if you were able to create the android app using Hype html5 and phonegap?

I found that a quick way to get a phonegap build from a Hype project is to create a github repo with the html export from Hype and a config.xml file (plenty of examples on the net) and then from you can set up a new app and get the code from the repo and go ahead and build. Straight forward for Android and Windows Apps but a little more difficult for iOS due to certs.

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If other people stumble on this thread in the future, the “Wrapping” app was specifically created for putting a Hype project into Xcode...

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For android the phonegap / github is still relevant as of posting this but definitely for iOS use the “Wrapping” app.

I’ve successfully made an iOS app from Hype using Nick Gressle’s technique documented in this forum and here: but would love to be able to do the same with android. Could somebody go through this github and phonegap process in a bit more detail ?

Hi @alastair

This was quite an old post but the repo I used to create a test app is still in Github

If you want to look at the repo and the config.xml specifically. This would be all you need to create an app using PhoneGap. Of course, the Hype project would need adapting so that you take into account any sizing needed to handle the extras within a phone APP. But in order to build an “apk” for android this would be all you need. Within phonegap you would create a new app and then use the “build from GitHub source” and point to your repo you wish to build from. It would then create a page from which you can download the apk from with your phone.

Unfortunately, I do not have the original document but I left the restorable plist file in the resources folder so technically it could be rebuilt.

Hope this helps!

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Soon as I can I’ll give it a go. Thanks for your help. My only worry is that it sounds too easy :0)


It’s very easy, you just have to:

  1. Export your Hype document as a folder
  2. Change the .html document in your folder and rename it index.html
  3. Have this config.xml document in that folder
  4. Open document config.xml and modify the parameters
    version = “1.0.2”,
  5. Create a .zip from this folder
  6. Access and create an account
  7. Go to the option upload a .zip and attach the one you created and proceed to create your app and go!

That easy :wink:

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Here is a sample of the config.xml file, you just have to modify it (641 Bytes)

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