Can we create android or apple apps using hype? ( hype to phonegap)


(Wasura Edirisuriya) #1

Hy guys, I want to know is it possible to create an apk or ipa files using hype. First we create a game or something inside hype then export it to html5 and using any other software (phonegap) deploy apps. is it possible?

(DaveJohnson) #2

I just tried with a sample I had readily available. I do not have an opportunity to test it at all, but by exporting a HTML5 folder from Hype and compressing it into a zip, it uploaded and built my file without any errors. I did change the name of my .HTML file from whatever it was called before to index.html to make this work.

Worth a shot exploring from there. Sorry I can’t test the output for you!

(Wasura Edirisuriya) #3

@NotDaveJohnson thank you soo much for replying me. i will try that one. will see how it goes.

(Cris) #4

Just saw your post here and was wondering if you were able to create the android app using Hype html5 and phonegap?


I found that a quick way to get a phonegap build from a Hype project is to create a github repo with the html export from Hype and a config.xml file (plenty of examples on the net) and then from you can set up a new app and get the code from the repo and go ahead and build. Straight forward for Android and Windows Apps but a little more difficult for iOS due to certs.

(Cris) #6



If other people stumble on this thread in the future, the “Wrapping” app was specifically created for putting a Hype project into Xcode…


For android the phonegap / github is still relevant as of posting this but definitely for iOS use the “Wrapping” app.