Can there be Built in FTP?

I really want a ftp feature in Hype like export to dropbox.
That will be awesome.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @jameskoh

It would be great to have an export & ftp button to save all the copying and pasting.


Steve Warby

You can sync folders without dropbox

I use Transmit but also Yummy is nice.

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True, I use Transmit.

But it would be nice to have a built in FTP client that you could export directly to your server.

Everyone asks the integrate FTP and I agree.

But a simple FTP?

After implementing the FTP all users will request the project synchronization ( publish only changed files) .
Probably it is a huge work considering the current “advanced Export”.

Now, with a synchronized folder is easy (replacing the project)

Good point

Personally, I’d prefer Tumult to focus more on the authoring tools than the deploy tools.

Transmit solves nearly any deploy scenario you would need for a hype project outside of git deploy.


Agreed +1