Can not include widget from Hype to iBooks Author

This is the message I am getting: ‘The HTML5 widget wasn’t added because it contains a media file that isn’t in a supported format’.
Video files are ok, audio files are in .mp3 format. What can be the problem? any idea?

iBooks Author requires .m4a files for audio and .mp4 for video. Does it work when you change this format?

Thank you very much. I have made the file names without any spaces and this helped.

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Im having the same problem.

Have you tried removing spaces or other non-aphanumeric characters from the filenames?

Hi !

I have the same issue ! Does the widget works on the last version of hype ? I don’t have any space in the name, I just tried to put a video in .mp4
Is it possible ?

Widgets still work the same; I would make sure that the widget filename itself along with the videos names only contain basic (latin) alphanumeric characters as ibooks tends to have problems when there are spaces or other characters. Feel free to send a zip of the .hype document and your .wdgt files and we can take a closer look.

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