Can I rotate mask without rotating contents


I’m new to Hype and I’ve got an animation that I am working on at the moment.

I have my picture grouped with content overflow set to hidden and I want to reveal the image in a circular motion (similar to a loading wheel). However I can’t use the process of using 2 semi circles to to reveal it (this solution has been posted here frequently) as I need it to be transparent to sit on a photo background.

Is there a way to rotate the group ‘mask’ (with content overflow hidden) but have the content itself locked in place? (I’ve locked the layers using the little icon but this doesn’t work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Nikitas!

One way You can achieve what you’re asking is to counter-rotate the element(s) inside the rotating group.

So if the group is rotating on the Z-axis from “0” to “90” degrees You would at the same time rotate the element(s) inside the group from “0” to “-90” degrees.

Demo Hype Project: (58.3 KB)


Thanks JimScott, worked a treat!

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