Can I make a Lyrics video with Hype?

These days artists are promoting their music with lyrics videos on Vevo and Youtube channels, it’s just the song with an animation of the lyrics in a unique way. How can I achieve this with Hype? thanks

Can you explain more and show and example. Also what you have tried.


You can sync up the video with animations fairly easily. Just search here for “sync audio and video”

Also, as Mark says. Please at least show something you’ve started or worked on. Don’t just come in and ask How can I do this!

ok. fair enough… here is one example of what I want to do:

Hi albertkinng!

You will be far better off using a motion graphics program.

That said, this video is very complex; and (I believe) there is quite a bit of collateral material involved. If You had to create this video from scratch the production time would be considerable.

this is a sample. this one was made on Flash (an app that in my opinion is like Hype):

Are you saying that is imposible to do it with Hype? I visited other forum but they said it can be done easily with Adobe After effects… but I don’t have that tool.

I did not use the word “impossible” in my initial reply. It’s more a matter of the right tool for the job.

I have a fair amount of experience with a motion graphics program called “Motion” which has many similarities to After Effects. It costs $50 - from Apple. I believe it will do the job for You better than Hype will.

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so, instead of upgrading to Hyper pro I just go and buy Motion? thanks

If You were going to upgrade to Hype Pro solely for your lyrics video projects, then yes Motion would be your app of choice IMO; and do not be deceived by Motion’s price - it is a powerhouse in an easy to use interface. I am an Adobe Creative Cloud member - After Effects is part of the package - I prefer Motion.

Hype Pro is a great upgrade for projects that are HTML5 based. If your pocketbook allows it is an excellent value and recommended.


Right now I can still work with the hype version I own. My clients don’t ask me for things that need the upgrade yet. but I have a couple of record labels that are in need of this Lyric Video production so, I will invest on Motion for now. Thanks