Can I make a banner in native html with tumult hype?

Hi everyone! I use tumult since 5 years around for make banners for my work and I am
Super happy.
Recently my boss ask me for make banner just in native html.
My doubt is if with tumult hype the animation banner we can do is native html or not.
Thanks a lot for let me know, maybe my question is so simple or evident but I am a graphic designer no programmer and for this reason I have no idea about this kind of issues.

I think you'd need to ask your boss for clarification - there's no commonly accepted term as "native html."

Hype's raison d'être is specifically to produce HTML5 content. It started back in the days where most browser animations and interactive content were done using Adobe Flash. So in this regard, it is "native" in that it does not require any third party plugins and runs in browsers without modification.

To be as animated/interactive as possible, Hype's actual output is a minimal HTML file along with a JavaScript-based runtime and JSON data that comprises the actual animatable content. The runtime builds up the HTML on-the-fly. Therefore, if your boss means "native" as either not using any JavaScript, or at least having legible HTML source code, then Hype would not fit the bill.

Typically though, Hype-based animations will work just fine and a lot of considerations for avoiding JavaScript are misunderstood. So you should find out from your boss what native means and why they want it.

I hope that helps!

may help for basic usage : Hype CodeSnapshot Enabler

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