Can I make a 3D game with Tumult?

Hello I wanted to make a HTML 5 game (but 3D one) is it possible with Tumult? The genre im interested in are RPG and MMO, but the latter is probably not possible for beginner like me.

Any help appreciated! I have time just not sure into what software/language should I put it to make a game

Not sure about 3d, below is a tagged thread to game development with hype

Hope that helps


Hype is probably not the right tool to make the core part of a 3D game. Hype excels in 2D HTML element-based animation and interactivity.

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I suggest you to use Unity. It’s popular game engine that can make browser (html5) games, both 2D and 3D. Not sure if you can do mmorpgs without super skills but Rust was made in unity and its multiplayer game. When I was messing in it I was trying to code something similar to Rust but singleplayer and I followed this RPG tutorial, it’s good for beginners gamedevs and programmers. I eventually stopped making my game, because although the process of making games was interesting, I just felt like no one ever will play my game so. But! It’s great feeling when you’re creating neat project with neat, optimized code.

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