Can I export as an interactive PDF from Hype?

I used to make interactive PDFs in Adobe InDesign which worked on desktop and tablets. Not anymore. Using the latest real ease of Adobe Creative Suite, any interactive elements simply vanish when viewed on iPad.

Does anyone know if Tumult will export as an interactive PDF? Or any other way to get simple interactive PDFs to onto iPad?


I understand you can not do an interactive PDF. However, you can export your interactive animation as a widget and then insert it into iBook using iBook Author.

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Thanks FUV. I may have to do that. I used Ibooks Author in about 2013. Found it, not difficult exactly, but strange to use. I hope it has become less strange.

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Ha ha. It’s less strange with the addition of the ePub template. I used Hype and iBook Author to create A Book About Hype. It’s interactive. I also used the same combo to create The Interactive Stencyl Textbook – which uses the iBooks template.

There are significant advantages and disadvantages between the two formats.

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