Can I embed a Hype project that is hosted on a second server?

I need to embed a Hype project from one server in a page that lives on another. Is this possible?

Hype documentation ( says something about the .hyperresources folder needing to be placed at the same level as the HTML file, but I can’t due to CMS limitations.

Thoughts? Help. Please. Thanks!

You might be able to via an iFrame (HTML WIDGET)

This is definitely possible, but as @gasspence mentioned, an iframe is the safest way to do this, since you are embedding a Hype document within a document. Frames (placed in HTML widgets) insulate the document from the other document.

If you are able to use HTTPs for loading both documents, I recommend it.

Thanks, all.

Any general or specific concerns about Hype project responsiveness working – or not – within a responsive iframe?

Haven’t tested specific solutions for that yet outside of the occasional embedded video.

Any other thoughts?