Can Hype make something just like this?

I'm new to Hype.And I want to make this kind of animation, but I couldn't find ways to do this.
Can hype make this? How to make this? If you know, please tell me, thank you!
And English isn't my mother tongue, so please excuse any mistakes.

You would need to fade the squares in and out at the different levels, though. (16,5 KB)


As @MaxZieb's document shows, this is entirely possible with Hype. The basic technique is:

  1. create a timeline that animates the zooming in of the structure
  2. create an element that acts as the slider UI, and for this element, have an On Drag action that is set to control the timeline made in step 1.

@MaxZieb @jonathan Thanks both of you! I have tried the methods you said, and I got what I want!
Really thanks for your sharing :slight_smile: Have a nice day!