Can editor display all timelines according to time cursor position?

Is it possible to have editor to display elements according to position of time cursor in the timeline when switching to another timeline?

I am trying to move elements to the positions of other elements which have opacity 0 (main timeline) initially and move to another place and appear when button is clicked (timeline A). On another timeline B (user activated) I want to move another element to the same position. But when I switch to timeline B elements made visible by timeline A disappears. Which is very inconvenient.

You’ll probably want to setup timelines that only perform the specific animation.

You can think of timelines as streams of animations. If your timeline doesn’t have any keyframes/animations for specific properties, they won’t be run so the other properties will continue to be preserved.

(The editing environment for multiple timelines is a little different though; it will show properties based on the playhead in the main timeline, since we decided that was probably the best representation in most cases.)

For my use case current representation is far from being optimal because I am creating live representation of system diagram that shows flows of information so most of elements are invisible in the beginning and every animation starts with user pressing a ‘button’. When an element appear and moves to a new position, the position should be strictly on top of another specific element which is not visible in the beginning, but made visible by previous animation.

Editor currently represents animation accordion to time position when switched to it. It would be wonderful if there was flag available to ‘freeze’ that state when switching to edit another animation, so elements of that animation can be properly positioned relative to end positions of ‘frozen’ animation.

Am I describing my use case clear enough?