Can Dynamic Images trigger other images to perform an action?

In Hype Pro 3.6.1, can an image be triggered to do something (like play sound or start timeline) when hit by a dynamic image? I’m trying to make a pinball game that will go into a children’s book built in iBooks Author. The test I did works well. But I’d like to make it so that when a ball hits a bumper or other object, it triggers an animation or sound. Thanks for your help.

Do a search on the site for pinball. There are some good examples already here. I cannot remember if any of them make sounds but I am sure they score and if they score they will be using hit tests to do so. The same hit tests will be able to trigger sounds.

There is nothing in the Hype inspectors that you can set to do this. It will need to be done in JavaScript and using a hit test of some sort.

Also search for hit test.

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Great. Thank you. I will do all of that.

I think, you have an option in Hype to do that!

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Just to clear things up. Hype does not have an option to do this natively. It will have to be done using Javascript functions. Hype does have its own API that will help you; getElementProperty() and setElementProperty()