Can a JavaScript help for automatic audio and video reproduction in an animation in Hype?

If that were possible they would greatly appreciate your help, I am new in using JavaScript & Hype and I don´t have idea, and I’m just reporting. If you have any examples would really be a great help to me. Just in case I mean audio and video as part of the document Hype, not as web links. Thanks.

Can you explain what you mean by ‘reproduction’? If you can explain in more detail what you’re trying to create that would be helpful. Searching for ‘audio’ and ‘video’ in the search box area above will also show you many examples of what others have created.

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You can add Audio and Video to hype that is part of it’s resources, Hype can access and play these by it’s own controls or by Javascript. The Javascript can be create within Hype.
Have a look at the documentation in particular

But as Daniel has already pointed out, more information will help us give you a more accurate answer rather than a guess.

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Hi Daniel, thank you very much for your attention. Apologies, is absolutely right, I wasn’t specific. The truth is that I speak Spanish, only a few English and I forgot to indicate the essential part of the problem I have, it is that the audios and videos that include in the animations Hype the reproduce without problems on a desktop computer, but doesn’t work on mobile devices (both iOS and Android), I reviewed on page Hype and that clearly indicates the topic, I would like if possible I indicate whether a JavaScript can achieve that playing video and audio on mobile devices automatically because they form part of an animation. That is my concern. I am very grateful for your prompt attention to my concerns. Blessings and greetings from Ecuador :slight_smile:

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Hi / Hola Vanessa (@vrugel),

Si quieres, puedo explicar en Español.
No se puede empezar un vídeo automáticamente en “iOS” porque no es permitido.
No es un problema de Hype. Eso es una restriction de sistema del mobil.

And for people not understanding Spanish.

One cannot start a video automatically in iOS because it’s not allowed (permitted).
This isn’t a problem of Hype. This is a restriction of the mobile’s system.


Hi / Hola DBear

Muchas gracias por tu pronta respuesta / Thanks you.