Cache problem when hosted on Github

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I’ve hosted a demo site on Github built with Hype 3 and just Google fonts. All the links in head html were https. Intermittently when i viewed the Github site in a browser the fonts reverted to a Times fallback font and also some javascript didn’t work as expected
The only thing I had done differently was to enable offline application cache in Hype. Disabling this seem to have cured problem tho I’m not sure why! On the Hype documentation there is a mention of Google fonts being affected by application cache. Any ideas if that was the problem would be appreciated
Link to file is here:


The cache manifest might be restricting access to external resources (especially after the second load of your page). The manifest file is not something you should turn if you are using external fonts. You can get the benefits of the cache by setting far-future expires headers, but unfortunately Github pages does not support that. Seems your page loads pretty quickly, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

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Thanks Daniel for typically speedy response
I guessed it must be some exotic problem with cache. Your comment about second load of page was spot on. Disabling cache seems to have solved it anyway
Very grateful for tremendous support always from the team and forum is also invaluable