C1ic.mx - Inclusive gaming

As you may know I have this little project called "c1ic", is a site where you can do anything, from reading a book, watch videos or play games using a single click of the mouse.

The original site was made in Flash, and had so many games and apps, but Flash vanished in the year 2000, Thats why I start looking for alternatives for the web, I needed something that let me make animations and create buttons, thats how I learned Flash, animations and buttons and you can make games.

I found Tumult Hype and it was amazing, now I'm making games, so I upgrade all the c1ic site to html 5, but not only that, after years of knowing that disabled people in other countries where playing my games I never had the chance to see it. Now a foundation is helping me to spread the word of my site and I can go to different places to try the games with different players.

Tumult Hype made this possible and I'm so happy, I also made a simple technology for the players, companies donated me useless computer mouses, so I break them and assemble my own devices soldering them arcade buttons in the mouse PCB for the players to use.

Enjoy this video


Do you know about Ruffle? — https://github.com/ruffle-rs/ruffle/

…but if you're already using Hype, it's very good for one-click games.

It's nice to see that your project is making a difference! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeap! thanks for the tip, some of the games there are in flash and running thanks to ruffle, but some of them are independent and don't go back to the menus so I had to remove them and I can't fix them anymore.

They are gone to the archive. :grin:

Wow, that's really wonderful and heartwarming! Thanks for sharing this video, it is great seeing your games being able to be played due to their one click nature and enriching lives of disabled players. I'm glad Hype helped make this happen :smiling_face:.