Buttons stop working

Working in Hype Pro 3.03 – I make the buttons and test document and they work great. I go back to document and add more content unrelated to buttons, then when I re-test the buttons are not working.

Made several times, tried changing name of button, but each time the same thing happens.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? -BP


Can you supply a copy of your document?
And what browser you’re using and any other info that might be relevant :wink:


DBear - Thanks for the assist, but I think I figured it out. I had an unfilled rectangle with a stroked line on layer above. Once I moved that to below the layers with buttons, they returned to normal function. -BP

OK. Remember you can “cover up” objects which will prevent a user being able to click on them :smile:


Thanks again for the help yesterday. Here’s what I’m doing. I’m reworking an old graphic serial I did in 1995 as a Hype Project to help me learn the program. I was able to complete Part 1 last evening. -BP


Very cool, @wmpitzer! We’ll definitely be following along if you keep us updated :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll post each of the 7 parts as I get them completed. -BP

Im having a very similar issue. I tested one button that triggered a symbol to play and it worked perfect. so then i attempted to set up the second button and nothing works. all setting are identical and nothing seems to be overlapping… honestly i not too sure how to work with multiple timelines.

Profile.hype.zip (317.9 KB)

The link was down when i check unfortenely i wasn’t able to see your work. Just thought you should know incase it wasn’t intentional.