Buttons staying active after clicked

Hi everyone,

I am currently having the following problem:

When the user clicks a button, a javascript function is triggered, essentially opening an external modal box. When the modal box is closed, the button is still in the ‘hover state’. Is there any way to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Can you upload your file?

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Hi Oliver,

Here is the file.


Test Document.hype.zip (26.7 KB)


Does anyone have a possible solution to this issue I am facing. Would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


I am not seeing the modal box in your demo in preview mode.

I get this error in the web console when clicking on the buttons:

Error in IntroductionElearn: Error: SyntaxError: DOM Exception 12


The problem is that the modal box is an external javascript function that
is being called, so it is hard to reproduce exactly by just uploading the
Hype file.

Is there any code snippet that I can add to return the button to the
’normal’ state?

Thanks for your help!

You could probably make a timeline that returns it to a normal state and then invoke that timeline. Due to button precedence rules you may also need to make the hover state a triggered from a timeline with mouse over/out as actions.