Buttons, shapes & oh, my!

How is it possible to make a button with a complex shape so that it doesn't block another button below it? I've wasted tons of time trying to figure this out. I have a map with irregular shapes overlapping. Whenever I put one irregular shape over another, it seems the whole square that bounds the shape seems to block the button below. Any way around this or do I need to learn Animate?

If you want to see what I'm trying to build, go here: Interactive Web Presentations – Words & Pictures

It takes some explaining, but clicking on the central area, where there are several small shapes (corresponding to electoral ridings), brings up a series of larger shapes. But clicking on the larger shapes works inconsistantly because of interference with other stuff that's on top of the shapes. Any help appreciated, including advice to give up and take up knitting!

What I have done a couple of times. Put all those shapes in a group and make that group very small, but let the buttons have the same size.
Something like this.
Schermafbeelding 2022-01-18 om 10.06.11

thanks, but I think I've found a better solution by just redesigning the artwork so nothing overlaps. Rather a software-enforced design simplicity.

You can use Hype's Vector Shapes to make irregular buttons. Only the fill area will respond to mouse events. Just make sure to have a fill -- you can either set its color to 0% opacity or make the entire element have 0% opacity.

Vector Shapes don't allow for "Edit > Show Button Controls" But any of these effects can be recreated with mouse actions and alternative timeline animations.