Buttons on only first or last scenes

How can I have a button on the first scene only? I want to allow a user to scrollTop in a wrapper HTML page.

I’m a little unclear on what you are trying to do; can you elaborate?
The basic answer is if you only want a button on one scene, only place the button on that one scene :slight_smile:, so I’d guess you are looking for something different.


Thanks. I figured it out. It’s not to be embedded in the symbol as a
persistent element, rather up a level on the scene itself. I figured it out
through the document tree under the timeline.

I like Hype because it’s similar to the Flash API, which I taught for ten
years at GWU so the structure is even more familiar than Adobe Animate. I
started working with Hype this afternoon and felt comfortable with it
within a couple hours. Even before working with Hype, my student mentioned
great fora and help from Hype that seemed refreshingly extraordinary.

I’m very impressed how hands-on you are in this product. I wish you the


That’s great to hear :slight_smile:!

And yes, the notion of Symbols is a subtlety different than in Flash (which seemingly wants everything to be a symbol).