Buttons in iPad

I did a kind of game in Hype 3 which should be responsive (I want to use the game in a iPad). However,I got an issue: The buttons doesn’t respond when I push it. Then I found out that when I pressed near from the button.

How could I fix that issue?

Hi Paola!

If You upload your project to the forum it will be easier to understand your issue.

GameHype.hype.zip (1.7 MB)

iPad~ using Hype Reflect:

First Scene: opened with button tap - no problem.

Second Scene: “Verdura” button, no response - correct? (Actually, there’s two “Verdura” buttons I noticed.) I haven’t be able to move farther into the game to check other buttons of course because I can’t start it ;->

At this point I’ve only had a chance to skim things, but I’ve:

  • Checked to see if the button was covered by another object.
  • Move the overlaying “Verdura” button from the other.
  • Used other handlers (“mouse down” ~ “touch start”)
  • Tried a simple “alert();” function with the button.

So far I’ve come up empty & will investigate more tomorrow - hopefully others will have better insights in the meanwhile.

you’ll need touch-punch-jquery-plugin to get jqueryUI work on mobile …

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It is hard to tell what is driving all the animations since it appears to be mostly custom jquery code. However, if you uncheck ‘Use Touch Events’ from the document inspector it will work.
I also suspect what @h_classen said is correct.