Buttons and a few elements shifting on preview

Hi, I am 75% through my first hype piece. Things have been going pretty good. I am sure I have done some things backwards, but for the most part everything has been going great until now.

I am adding buttons and on export the buttons and some elements that previously rendered fine are not shifted about 80px to the left in Safari and 350px to the left in Chrome.

I’ve tried deleting the button and creating new ones. Ive tried different style buttons in different spots on the time line. All the new buttons export shifted to the left.

Any words of wisdom?

Yes. Please show us your Hype project file > or if the file is too big to upload, contains confidential material, etc. > create an example file that exhibits the problem.

Otherwise we are making educated guesses - but guesses nonetheless.

Here is a link to the file. Thx.


It seems the issue started when I ungrouped. I was testing various alt layouts with all of the elements grouped to accommodate flexible layouts.

With the elements grouped I could not edit the copy. So I ungrouped it, edited all the copy and then that is when the shifted elements issues arose.

I am now working with a file that does not have any layouts defined and the buttons are playing nice. Ill keep dropping them in and see what happens.

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It looks like you have scaling set to differently for your big block of text than what you have for your button. Since both are trying to follow their pinning and scaling rules setup for them, they’re appearing to be out of sync when the viewport is larger or smaller than the scene width (1080). I think your best bet here is to group everything but the background image as one group and set scaling on that element.

Then set your large group to this:


And for your background set the scale behavior to ‘stretch’ since it’s just a gradient. (It shouldn’t be in a group)

Ahhh, thank you. I get it.