Button state gets obscured

I’ve got some pretty basic buttons with text labels on them. The hover and pressed states work as expected but if the user’s cursor rolls over the text within the button…then the hover state stops.

I understand why it’s happening, but surely there is an easy way to make the text layer not interfere or ‘come between’ the user’s cursor and the button, where the hover state flips on and off.

I’ve used Flash a lot and seemed to be able to always work around this.

Please help!

I’m not sure of what you mean by “text labels”. Can you upload a sample?

I just mean a simple text layer. Is there a way to privately post a file?

You could use the innerHTML of the button to create the text for your label. Double click on the button, then click the small pencil icon that appears just underneath the button to edit its innerHTML… also You can do this edit by selecting the button then choosing “Edit Elements Inner HTML” (“Edit” menu) or using the keyboard (option-command-E).

Select the text box you’ve created over the button and, in the “Actions” panel of the Hype interface, select the “Ignore all pointer events” checkbox. (Please see image below.)

Project File: ButtonStates_Trigger.hype.zip (19.4 KB) - Demo Here.


Yes, you can click on a users icon then send a private message with a file attached - drag and drop a zipped file into the message area.


I’ll try this out tomorrow. Thanks so much!

Craig S Wall
Chief Troll, Ice Cave Technology

I want to express thanks for the help. With the advice here–and turning off selectable text…I got i working properly. cheers!

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YAY! Here's what I would have suggested for the buttons. (for the text label, I checked the box for "ignore all pointer events") Jim beat me though...
BUTTON.hype.zip (14.4 KB)

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