Button rollover color gets stuck

If I quickly roll over each of the 10 buttons on the computer screen, some buttons randomly stay in the rollover color, even though I've moved to a new button. I've even had 3 or 4 buttons all in their rollover color at the same time until I roll over them again. Any ideas how to prevent that?


I assume you mean a Hype Project with buttons using mouseover and mouseout and when previewing in the browser.

There is a known issue with how the browsers deal with these.

Vaguely remember people trying a few tricks to solve it, including myself

(I think when ever I ran into it I may have resorted in all mouseouts also ran code to turn everything off then turn the new one on )

Cannot remember if it has ever been solved to satisfaction and I have not seen it happen for a while.

It may be worth trying to search the forum for what people have tried.

for example

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Thanks for the response Mark! As I suspected, it sounds like Hype has a problem with quick mouseover movements. So I'll just eliminate the rollover color changes unless someone has a quick easy solution.

It is not Hype. It is the browsers.

You may have the same issue using any mouseover/out javascript or library.

Probably the easiest thing is to use css and js.

btns.hype.zip (25.1 KB)

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Thanks for the file, Mark! Once I figured out my buttons needed to be in the btn class, they all worked. Really appreciate your help!

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