Button not registering clicks in Chrome

Hi! I have an issue where some buttons I provide to links are not always registering the first click for Chrome users. (It might be other users but Chrome users are the only ones to report it.) They cite having to click more than once before they can download the software. This is not for all Chrome users, however.

This issue only came up recently. Anyone know if it’s a known Chrome issue or if there is something I can do on the Tumult side to fix it so it always downloads on first click for Windows users in Chrome?

PS: it does not jump to a new scene but it does trigger a timeline start that plays a Check your Downloads folder notification after button click.



Is there a live URL to test on? Also it might be useful to see how you are handling this with a zip of your .hype document. Thanks!

As Jonathan says, we are flying blind here and there could be a number of reasons. It sounds like it’s live so a url at least might be best to share :wink:

Thank you, Everyone, for your offers of help. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I couldn’t share the vignette. However, I can tell you that removing a timeline jump in it seemed to have fixed the issue.

Basically when a user clicked one of the download buttons, it would jump to a new part of the timeline and trigger a message telling the user to check his/her downloads folder. Removing this functionality seemed to fix things.

Thanks for your help.