Button menu not working?

Something's wrong with my attempt to create an image button. I import an image and go to Edit--> Show Button Controls to turn the image into a button. But when I try to specify which button state to work on I cannot make any of the button controls turn dark to indicate they have been clicked. Long time since I used Hype-- maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I did follow the exact sequence in a YouTube video and it's not working right for me.

In the pic I want the image of the girl to suddenly enlarge when I go to the Hover state.
Screenshot 2023-12-31 at 1.14.46 AM

You don't need to start with a “Button” element. I just did a test with an image I'm using for a new video…


  1. Add a new image element
  2. Use the “Show Button Controls” option
  3. Select Hover
  4. Make size and position changes
  5. Preview in web browser
  6. Enjoy! :blush:

When I have trouble with Button Controls, I usually just start from scratch… either with a new element or the “Clear All Button States” option.

If you see the controls, there shouldn't be any reason the states can't be clicked on to be selected. Perhaps you could send a zip of the .hype document along with a small video of your entire screen showing you trying to select the various states (and failing to change)? Thanks!