Button is randomly offsetting on Hover... and adding unwanted highlight design

when making a new Button - on some occasions Button is randomly offsetting on Hover… and adding unwanted highlight design on other buttons - and the behaviour changes also randomly - not the same thing all the time…

I have found that sometimes button text can become screwy. You can try to fix it or simply replace it. I tend to opt for the latter.

If you are getting the buttons jumping position when you hover it will be more than likely because you changed the button position at some point when the hover tab was selected.

Probably the best way to correct it is while in the Metrics inspector, select the button.
Select it’s normal tab. Take note of the left,top, width,height.

Then select it’s hover tab.
Change it’s metrics to match the normal tab metrics

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There have been times in the past when I’ve seen this happen and all the metrics are correct. On occasion I had to recreate the button from scratch. I’m not sure what would cause the glitch, so I couldn’t provide a starting point for a solution. It’s a rare occurrence so I’ve ignored it and got back to work.