Button irresponsive

(Joao Ribeiro) #1

Hi folks, I created a menu that is working fine, expect for one button that is non responsive.
Any ideas why? It is trying to move to another scene inside the document.



Is it the top-most element? If anything is covering the button, that would receive the click, so make sure nothing is blocking it. If that’s not it, can you share your .hype file as a zip file in your reply?

(Joao Ribeiro) #3

Here it goes:
password hype3@jr
Thanks in advance,



Hi Joao!

You link is not working.


I get this error – can you attach using a service like wetransfer.com ?

(Joao Ribeiro) #6

Sorry, try:

user: hype3@joaoribeirofoto.com.br

password: hype3@jr

See if it is working now.

It’s been years since I last used ftp for transferring files.



(Joao Ribeiro) #7

Weird! It was working fine with Chrome last I tried.
I am sending you a cyberduck link attached to this email.

See if it works now.



It looks like you had an empty ‘On Layout Unload’ action which was causing issues. Can you try this document?

(Joao Ribeiro) #9

Yep, it is working fine now.
Thanks a lot.

A few more questions, when I enter the website using a mobile phone, instead of showing pictures,I am showing videos of the pictures. The software will load all videos before start showing any f the or the videos will be loading on demand?

Thanks a lot for the help!