Button highlights in iOS

My hype content output contains buttons. When viewed in iOS there is not ‘pressed’ state like you normally have where the button has a grey bounding box. I thought this was automatic and part of iOS itself.

Any ideas? Pressing on a button displays no change in state at all which feels a bit at odds.


selecting a button within hype should show up button states.
select one and set your desired look …

Thank you.

Yes I have these styles in place but when a button is pressed and held (so essentially a ‘down’ state), there is no visible change on an iPhone. Usually in my experience, you see a transparent grey overlay which I believe is part of the operating system. It does not however display on buttons created within hype.

Does this make sense?

If not already, try using the Mouse down/up Actions which should also correspond with touch down/up.

Mouse click can have issues on touch devices.

Thanks Mark. Have tested this yes but no luck.

The button functionality performs as you would expect, but iOS does not seem to recognise it’s a button and apply the overlay indicator to show it’s being pressed.

Why do you need it to?

Just use your own via the setting Hans has pointed out.

You can use the explicit mouse-based actions which will show the standard iOS highlighting by unchecking Use Touch Actions in the Document Inspector.

(Hype by default will use Touch-based actions when they are available, since they tend to be more responsive.)