Button highlights in iOS

(David Howard) #1

My hype content output contains buttons. When viewed in iOS there is not ‘pressed’ state like you normally have where the button has a grey bounding box. I thought this was automatic and part of iOS itself.

Any ideas? Pressing on a button displays no change in state at all which feels a bit at odds.


(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

selecting a button within hype should show up button states.
select one and set your desired look …

(David Howard) #3

Thank you.

Yes I have these styles in place but when a button is pressed and held (so essentially a ‘down’ state), there is no visible change on an iPhone. Usually in my experience, you see a transparent grey overlay which I believe is part of the operating system. It does not however display on buttons created within hype.

Does this make sense?

(Mark Hunte) #4

If not already, try using the Mouse down/up Actions which should also correspond with touch down/up.

Mouse click can have issues on touch devices.

(David Howard) #5

Thanks Mark. Have tested this yes but no luck.

The button functionality performs as you would expect, but iOS does not seem to recognise it’s a button and apply the overlay indicator to show it’s being pressed.

(Mark Hunte) #6

Why do you need it to?

Just use your own via the setting Hans has pointed out.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

You can use the explicit mouse-based actions which will show the standard iOS highlighting by unchecking Use Touch Actions in the Document Inspector.

(Hype by default will use Touch-based actions when they are available, since they tend to be more responsive.)