Built in Thumbnail(meta tag) generator

This is most needed in my situation.
Everytime i make a document, i need to open a thumbnail generetor window and copy and paste the html.
I wish there is meta tag generator built in Hype.
Thank you for reading :smile:

I’m not sure I entirely follow; can you elaborate on what you’re trying to do with the expected output?

for example, you know when you export on Final Cut pro, a window pops up, then you can write title, descriptions.
and youtube lets to choose thumbnail image.

I want a meta tag generator built in Hype.
so when you export your work. you can simply write title, description, and upload thumbnail image.
then i don’t have to visit a site to generate those html code and copy and paste on Hype head html.
does this explain?
all the best^^

Gotchya! We do create thumbnails for iBooks Author/OAM Widgets, so this could be based from that.