Building complex games

Can Tumult Hype be used to make complex games such as a match-3 like candy crush or a dice game?

one major point on this is that you can’t create elements with hypeproperties on the fly … all you’ll ever need will have to exist right from the start.

Hi there :slight_smile: Can you clarify? What do you mean by hypeproperties?

any property of an element set via ui or api by hype.

So is this a yes to creating complex games? Sorry.

if your game does not need elements created on the fly that depend on hype animations … it’s NOT a problem :slight_smile:

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The elements that I will be working with in the scene will be empty and the content will be extracted from an API. For example: there are 5 elements that have been named element1-5. The innerHTML will be determined by the API such as userName, Donation Amount, and image.