Bug? Scaling pictures inside a rectangle

(David Guillermo Escalante Trinidad) #1

Im trying to insert a picture png inside a rectangle, the same way I do with .svg files, but svg files retain their original ratio, while png files are unable to do this.

See the vide for better understand my problem:

Video Capture

Is there a way to fix this inside Hype?

(Mark Hunte) #2

You can turn on constrain proportions in the Metrics inspector.


The actual .png in your vid capture is not being seen. When you duplicate and added the .png file it actually added it to the element’s resource not create a new element (because of the same name). Therefore your svg is still being displayed. When you create another element and then add the .png it is now a new element (new resource) so it is now displayed as a .png. Hope that’s clear!

(David Guillermo Escalante Trinidad) #4

The problem with that is that I end with diferente div dimensions given the diferente .png dimensions.

While in Adobe Muse is posible to do this, I used inDesign as example of what Im trying to accomplish.
InDesign Example

(David Guillermo Escalante Trinidad) #5

Yeah, I noticed that, but in the last rectangle I created in the same video capture I imported the .png directly inside the new rectangle.


yes and it conformed to the rectangle’s dimensions such is the nature of the background image. The first time around it didn’t because the .svg took president As Mark mentioned you can constrain proportions.

(David Guillermo Escalante Trinidad) #7

While yes, it makes sense, why the behavior is random? There should be a way to enable or disable if I want to maintain the ratio of the original picture.

As I noted in my inDesign example, as its the same in Adobe Muse
inDesign Example

The elements stays inside the container, instead of filling it, unless I specific make it so.

(David Guillermo Escalante Trinidad) #8

This is what im trying to accomplish