Bug | On image update

If there is an Image update, Hype adds a second one in the resources panel.
One a user can't delete. But it add its kb weight to the overall file. Even on Export.
Not good for an Online Creative/Banner.

I have to undo this action (cmd+z) and then in the context menu update it manually to work around this bug. See the video.

Can Anyone reproduce this bug? I cannot share the file.
Non-disclosure agreement. Showing this video is already a problem for us.
Will be online for a few hours.

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Thanks for this report. The video doesn't show everything you do, but this looks like a known issue with these general steps:

  1. Leave hype and modify a resource
  2. Return to Hype and get the update window, but do not click on any of the options (leave the update window up)
  3. Leave hype again and modify the resource again
  4. Return to Hype and update with both dialogs

Does that seem like the way you trigger it?

If so, this will be fixed in the next update.

I updated the image. Opened the Hype file and pressed update image. It then adds a second file in the resource panel. Next I go back the two steps with undo. Followed with a right clickt on the image in the resourcepanel and update directly.

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Hmm... it shouldn't do that in a normal flow of just opening the document. (And I can't reproduce it with the specific steps you have).

It sounds like this is easy for you to reproduce. Is there any chance you could take a full screen capture of your reproduction steps starting from an entirely blank document? Thanks!

Gonna give you the document, asset and screencapture.

Here you go, Jonathan.

I can reproduce this every time I overwrite the image and then open the Hype file.

Filename: HYPE.zip
URL: https://files.prodeers-lab.com/_pJUAx8cEd89FdR
Filesize: 16.2 MB
Link expires at Oct 2.

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Awesome thanks much! I can reproduce what you're seeing now. The cause is pretty much the same as before (a double update dialog) but it looks like your document is able to reproduce this situation when being opened.

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Nice! Glad this helps you find it.
Me and the team had this for some time now. I've just come around in sending it.
Pardon me for it to taking so long.

Do we have some new announcement for the Hype Users in the near future?
Are there new things on the horizon we should be giving feedback to or test?



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Thanks again! Of course sooner is always better for any bug reports, but definitely getting them at all and following up when we need more details is something I'm super thankful for :pray:t2:.

There's no announcements at this time; we only announce when things are out the door :slight_smile:.

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