Bug? - linked flies updated fail as well as using the Replace button

(Steve) #1

Known Issue?

As noted in the topic both files currently linked and updated and also those that are attempting to Replace fail with the error shown.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

This is a known issue with external partitions/drives; the workaround is to move your document to the same device as your home folder.

We have a fix ready to go but are waiting on Apple on another (unrelated) issue before releasing. Sorry for the trouble!

(Steve) #3

Thanks for the info… Not sure what you mean with “home” folder. I run a primary drive and then a separate RAID. The images that are being updated reside and or are exported to the same directory where the linked files exist.

The solution I found is to simple name the updated file slightly different xxv2 xxv3 etc and then use the Replace button so positioning changes do not occur.

On a separate note, what’s the status of allowing people to beta the 4.0 version? I’ve submitted twice but not gotten any reply.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

By Home folder, I am referring to the drive where your “/Users/username” folder is located (containing the Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc. folders). It has the little home icon in the sidebar:

11 PM

Putting the last touches on a new beta and we’ll be sending out fresh invites soon.

(Steve) #5

Just an FYI there is no Home icon in my instance… Latest OS (High Sierra) on MacPro Late 2013 version (US / English version).

Also checked two other computers in the office and they also lack the icon for Root Directory. No problem but probably good info if you need reference this in the future.

(Loves Hype) #6

That’s strange and not the default setting when buying a new mac.
To enable your icon/short cut goto Finder --> Settings --> Sidepanel


@Burndog If it ain’t there and you need it to be just drag the Users/<username> folder into the sidebar and you’ll get a nice home icon with your username :wink:

(Steve) #8

Thanks but I do not need this as I can navigate without issues. My only reason for noting it is not a default is to that people can use another term when trying to describe the root directory of an account.

(Steve) #9

It is a bit odd but likely due to geographical reasons. For instance there is no Finder/Settings option.
the only place the Home icon shows in under Finder/Go



Fair enough. Though just to note it is a default with all installs of Mac OS to have a home folder in the finder sidebar. Just saying :slight_smile: Strange how it isn’t in your version :frowning:

(Loves Hype) #11

I see it in your screenshots… I just translated it wrong from German Finder --> Preferences!

(Steve) #12

Actually I’m not sure that is true… I checked a couple Mac Books that are mine and could understand that I could have deleted it. BUT we have a newer MacBook that came from my Mom to my son and she definitely has no clue how to change ANYTHING let alone customize the sidebar.

I just checked two Macbook Airs (wifes and sons old one) and both of those also lack a Home icon in the Favorites or any other area of the default sidebar.

We are in the USA so likely regionally related.


Updated one of my iMacs recently to “High Sierra” - no “Home” folder in the default sidebar… I had to add it from the “Finder Preferences”.


I stand corrected. It’s been a while since I upgraded my Macbook and I probably assumed the home folder was always in the sidebar. I might have automatically added it / chose the option when I first setup the mac and we’re talking years ago. I have a lot of folders in my side bar :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #15

Wow, sorry for derailing this thread with my screenshot! I guess I’m no longer current on the sidebar, but regardless I was just trying to illustrate what the “home” folder was!

(Steve) #16

Thanks for updating the latest version to address this problem. Just tested and works perfect!

(Mark Hunte) #17

I just want to know what TumultEscape is…?:grin:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #18

I think Marco Arment may have first coined the term; it is the newer 13" MacBook Pros that has the escape (and function keys) instead of the touch bar.

IMHO the best laptop Apple is making these days, though far from perfect.

(Mark Hunte) #19


I have an app I wrote a few years ago

I was updating it a short while back and was thinking about a complete rebuild for the AppStore.
Apart from sandboxing and global hotkeys argh. Everything was going ok until I asked a friend to test it.

One problem we immediately ran into… he has a Touch bar…

The app has a fixed shortcut ‘command + f12’

So back to the drawing board…