Bug? All Hype documents show as "edited" when opened


After the Hype Pro update to 3.6.4 on April 2nd 2018, all my documents show as having been “edited” when they are opened. The same thing happens when I create a new document. If I close the new document without having made any changes, I’m asked if I want to save the changes made. Is anyone else having the same problem?

( OS is Sierra 10.12.6 )

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Thanks for this report, this does appear to be a bug. It should be mostly harmless beyond wanting you to save the state. We’ll be releasing a fix soon.


Thanks very much Jonathan, appreciate you taking the time to check.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

I appreciate the report! I submitted a new version with the fix to the Mac App Store and we’ll release once approved. If you use the Tumult Store version you’re welcome to get a head start and download v3.6.5 direct from this URL: https://tumult.com/hype/download/Hype-590.dmg


That’s great! All sorted, thanks very much. While I’m here, thanks to all at Hype. I looked at all sorts of animation programmes before I found Hype and am really pleased with it. Worth every penny.