Browsers Back Button

Is it possible to activate the Browsers Back Button to the last Scene/Action or whatever the site has been showed before?

I had an site before which navigation was only by javascript and the most complain from anybody was, why i can’t jump back with the browsers back button.

I’m less experienced in terms of website building, but I have had this issue and below might be of help. If not, maybe someone with more experience can help?

I always found this issue a bit of a hindrance, and, afaik you cannot go back within scenes. The user will need to activate the previous page, by working within the page space. A back button within the scene.

I ended up creating my hype websites using a separate folder paths with index.html files to get the new page to load. This way, when someone uses the browsers back button, it does what it does in the way we are used to.


  2. (index.html file in this folder)

It’s an instinct web surfers have and it would be great to have the browsers back button functionality working within scenes - but that might cause more problems, and I don’t think that’s a priority when the above works fine?


Thanks for the suggestion. This feature is on our radar. In the meantime, we have a workaround here:

Here is a technique to visit the last-visited scene using a back button within your document (not the browser’s back button): Create a ‘Back’ button to transition to the last-visited scene

Instead of separate Scenes, I am using separate Symbols on the same scene, as a way to display different parts of a website. Is there a way to make this “Back / Forward” button approach work with prior “Symbols or Actions”?

So for e.g,. a user is on Symbol 1 and then clicks a button which displays Symbol 2 (and hides Symbol 1). Is there a way to take him back to Symbol 1 (and hide Symbol 2) when the user clicks Back?

You could do it like this. With a smart javascript by @MaxZieb

switch (12.2 KB)