Browser Compatibility - JS Syntax Warnings

Ok, Probably just me..

At some point I turned off Browser Warnings ( years ago) and only recently turned them back on ( a month ago )

So how long has JS Function syntax warnings been in there and how did I miss that I nugget ???


It even tells you the function name.

Also the Edit Warnings.. Button on the dialogue does not work.

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It was introduced in v1.5... you must have had correct JavaScript for a while :smiley:.

Thanks - the edit warnings button does change the inspector to the document inspector (assuming the inspector is visible, another issue), but it does not dismiss the sheet. This seems to be an issue since the v3 all-in-one-window redesign; in the old version the inspector was a separate window so you could actually adjust the warnings while showing the sheet. This no longer makes sense and has been filed to fix.

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Lol, just luck I suspect.