Broken Play Icon on IPAD when playing more than 16 videos

Hello, i’ve tried to go to the simplest, 28 videos 1280x720 h264, encoded by preset for iPad, each one on each slide, with go next and go previous buttons, and i can go foward and backwards and each time i reach the 17 video i get the broken play icon, and its impossible to play the movie.

The movies are correctly encoded, since i’ve enconded with different tools (episode, quicktime x, compressor, …) and i’ve changed the movies, i did every possible permutation, and i allways get the broken play icon at the end.

It seems like the video mermory gets full. So it’s there a way to flush video memory?, it’s any possible solution to avoid the broken play icon.


Sorry you’re hitting this issue. Here’s more information about the problem and workaround:

SOLVED!!!, thanks a lot for your support.

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