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I am posting this here because I am genuinely (also) love this product, and I am an early adopter of it. I personally own a Brizy Pro License since pretty early on. Brizy is a WordPress page builder add-on and it allows really easy page building BUT it requires you to own, maintain and install WordPress in the first place. I use it on my personal site and smaller landing pages, micro sites and for quick builds.

Last year they revealed that they would also offer the streamlined and react based page builder as a standalone cloud based solution:

Brizy Cloud.

It offers you the possibility to create pages with a browser based page builder without any dependencies and it supports HTML embedding, CSS and Code Injection into the head and footer. Using an iFrame with a modified absolute path to your Hype widget works great, as usual (also in Preview). It needs some tweaking for direct Hype embeds and this method doesn’t allow you (currently) to see the running Hype in the builder preview as they want to avoid interference from scripts and breaking react. But the embed shows up in previews and after publishing using direct Hype embeds. As said in most cases the iFrame version works just fine (also Global Behavior supports “talking” across iFrames) and shows up in the Builder, as seen here:

So once you created a page with it you have four export options:

  • use a subdomain from them
  • use your on domain on their infrastructure (CNAME)1
  • Export it as HTML, CSS, JS bundle ZIP2
  • (my favorit) Host it on your own server with a live push script. Meaning changes made in the builder are tunneled to your server and published there3

1 This option requires that you registered a domain name somewhere that allows CNAM editing
2 This option requires that you can publish static files somewhere.
3 This option requires your own server with basic PHP support but nothing else

… and this all works without any need for WordPress, but would you ever need to use your design on WordPress… a migration from Brizy Cloud (web app) to Brizy Pro (WordPress Plugin) is planned down the road map. I often directly write Themes or use Elementor with WordPress but consider them overkill for most use cases. Also, often enough the added benefit isn’t used by the clients in the end. Meaning Brizy Cloud is pretty much enough for most use-case and at least for a quick design. The huge library of designs, sections and the underlying atomic structure of building blocks makes it a breeze to use for visual people.

I am not affiliated with Brizy apart from that I like the product and ease of use.

The service can be found here:
(Product Hunt - Product of the day)

PS: They currently have a sale on AppSumo (Lifetime Deal Reseller) giving you a lifetime account on that service: (the 49$ lowest tier is fully sufficient if you have your own server)
PPS: If you consider buying it through AppSumo and the mentioned deal is still active consider using my AppSumo-Link, earning me a small referral from AppSumo / not Brizy (but that is not the reason I am posting this here, to make that very clear!).

algo parecido que he pensado antes.

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Es cierto, esa es precisamente la razón porque me gusta Brizy. ¡Se enfoca en opciones contextuales que tienen sentido y lo ayudan a mantenerse enfocado en la tarea en cuestión!

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