Break the link with an external resource, on purpose

It seems that Hype always keeps the track with an external resource despite the fact there is a copy of the resource in the package.
I would like to decide (with an option) that I don't want that an imported resource keeps a link with the original file and that it always uses the resource stored in the package.
It seems that such a feature is missing.
Should work like this.
Click on the resource > click on the button ‘Break link with external file’.
In the little info bubble, it says something like this ‘Hype will break any dependencies with the original external file and will always use the embedded version’.

This will allow me to assign the original external file to other projects by editing it, without the need to change its location on purpose (or the location of the Hype file) just to break the link.


Interesting request - I don't think I've ever heard that folks want to explicitly unlink before, but I can see how it could create an annoyance if you've "moved on" with the file and don't want updates in Hype. I've added this to our tracker on our todo item about linker improvements. Thanks!

For that reason, all Adobe apps have feature such as
Break the link
Embed the link (but Hype already does it)

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It turns out that when Hype finds an external file that was missing, it asks if we want to reupdate. If we click on No/Cancel, it does not ask it anymore.

But if inadvertently we click on Yes/Update, it's too late.

So I think that this feature request makes sense.

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Gotchya - and I agree the request does make sense. Do note that you can Command-Z/Undo an update operation.

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