Break Apart Text before importing SVG to Hype from Illustrator

Wanted to share a tip for anyone thats uses illustrator in conjunction with hype. Its really a no brainer if you want fonts to properly render once everything is exported from Hype.

  1. In Illustrator with the selection tool click on the text layer go to Type < ‘create outline’ or as Im use to referring ‘break apart’ (using adobe animate naming convention) or use shortcut command+shift+o.

  2. Copy and Paste “SVG” into hype your and your all set, fonts will show up rendered with no problem when exported from Hype.

Would be nice if hype can automatically ‘create outlines’ at the importing/pasting stage.

Can you clarify what steps you take in Illustrator?

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clarified to the best of my abilities :slight_smile:

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